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I should be an actress.
I act everyday anyway.
I pretend i'm happy
I can plaster on a smile
Just like a barbie doll.

I can force a laugh
Put false pep in my step
yep, that's me acting like somebody else.

But if i had to play a lonley person i can do that as well
Play sad, cry, pretend to get well
Then i'd relaps back again into the depression i've felt

I'd do that so good I'd even win an emmy
People woud say they didnt know I had it in me
And i'll just smile and accept my prize
Say a little speech and probably even cry

Cry cause noone noticed I wasn't acting this time
It was all just the pain i've felt
All that I had bottled up inside.
I tie the noose around my neck saying
"This is the last time this is it."
But you just laugh cause i'm just bluffing.
I won't kill myself cause i'm your bitch.

I grab the pain killers out the cabinet
threating to end my life right there.
An eyebrow raises,you're not buying it.
I let the pills drop to the floor.
I won't kill myself cause i'm your bitch.

I grab a knife and put it to my wrist.
"I'm serious this time, this is it."
You say, "Okay." and go about your day.
You know I ani't gonna die today.
I seriously should have spilt my wrist.
But I didn't cause i'm your bitch.

But one day as you lie asleep
I tie up your arms and tie up your feet.
You wake up smiling cause you think i'm playing.
But i'm serious this time this is the end.
I douse you down with gasoiline.
You laugh you think im still on your team.

I pull the matches from my shoe and see the fear rise up in you.
I strike the match and drop the flame.
It hits your heel, I hear you scream.
Now do you beleive me when I say this is it?
And one more thing, "NOW WHO'S THE BITCH?"
Boy:My eyes flutter open and a blood stained mattress greets me. The smell of blood and mildew rush into my nostrils making my stomach queezy. As I sit up I start to feel light headed so I have to lay back down. After a while I sit up again and take a look at my surroundings. I'm in a padded room with blood stains and mold covering the gray concrete walls. There are no windows and just one door that has a pad lock on the inside. I turn to my side and I see her.  Her full lips and her long black hair and her pale skin and slender body and where am I?
She stirs awake and her big black eyes flutter open. She blinks as if she's confused and looks around. When she finally notices me she screams.
"Hey, Hey calm down." I say grabbing her arms as she swings them wildly yelling.
"You've kidnapped me."
"No I haven't kidnapped you. I woke up just about five seconds ago."
"Where am i?" She asks her voice trembling. It's so sad to see her cry and my heart hurts even though I've only known her two seconds. I guess love at first sight is true.
"I don't know i'm just as confused as you are." I reply solemnly. she stares at me with those big black eyes like she's trying to read me. Trying to figure something out. She's making her mind up if she should trust me or not. I can see it on her face she's not good with hiding emotions.
"Well we need to find a way out of her." She yells jumping off of the limp mattress and starts banging on the door.
"Let us OUT!" she screams pounding on the steel door but it won't budge.
"DO you think anyone is out there?" she ask after about five minutes. I feel lame because i'm just sitting here and she's trying to find away to help us which is suppose to my job. So I join her by the door. We bang together until we're both tired and out of breath.
"There has to be another way out." she said pacing around the room. She says something else but I zone her out because I see a piece of paper fluttering around. I catch it and as I read it the words on the little white slip makes me freeze in place.
"What?" she says snatching the note from my hands. I watch her pale face get even paler as the slip flutters from her hands. She looks around and I copy. For the very first time I notice all the deadly weapons tossed randomly around the room. I get up and grab a katana. She watches me closely as I pick up the sword and balance it in my hands. I turn towards her.  
"You read what the note said. You have five minutes, five minutes only. That means we have five minutes to kill each other." I say walking towards her. Her eyes grow wide as she backs up saying, "No. No. No nonoonoooo."
I hate to hear her scream. But the end came anyway. Blood spatters on my face as she speaks her last words. "NO.". Her lifeless body falls to the ground as I pull out the katana. I stabbed her. Stabbed her right in the heart. Next thing you know I hear a loud buzzer and the door slid open. Chilly air rushes into the room as an old guy steps in. He's wearing all black and black shades. He has a stop watch in his hand. He looks at it then back at me. "five minutes and three seconds." he replies stepping back out of the room. The door starts to slide shut. "NO nonononono." I scream running towards the door before it closes on me. Too late. I break down and cry. Three seconds. Three seconds. All of a sudden I get sleepy so I walk back to the bloody mattress. I lie down as darkness encloses me.

Boy two: Where am i?


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crystal milton
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The names Crystal, (obvously as you can see that) but my friends call me firework, Hugh Hefner aka APimpNamedSlickBack becuase i'm a pimp. I like drawing and watching anime. My favorite anime is Attack On Titan (LEVI IS MINE!!! BACK OFF BITCHES!!!). I also like Hagani which not many people heard of but its a very good anime, you should check it out btw. Some of my hobbies are reading, and writing stories (not very good at it but i try) I like watching horror movies, and most of all Eating. Omg i'm a huge foodie. I love tacos and cupcakes, french fries from Five Guys, etc. And this is why I don't write bios because I write a whole essay and it makes me seem like a dork. But yeah i'm just gonna wrap this up if you have any more questions you can message me or kik me (ask for kik in dm and follow me on instagram @nigga.bait ) oh and last but not least (corny) im in a gang, HELLA RAD TURTLE GANG!!!! STONERS OF THE SEA!!!


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I feel sad right laughing buddy is moving and I'm gonna be soon lonely next week. I was on the bus and saw him and the other rachet boys we hang out  with walking to my best friends Marcus house. I yelled out sleepover at Marcus's and everyone on the bus looked at me. I'm also sad because my friend makayla and I got into an argument and that's been happening a lot lately so I'm debating on rather or not we should just stop being friends. I hate drama but it's like we can't seem to stop fighting when we're around each other lately. What should I do to make me feel better
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: the band perry
  • Reading: none at the time
  • Watching: the news
  • Playing: none at the time
  • Eating: the inside of my jaw (i do that when im upset)
  • Drinking: none

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